Tend to Sponsor the Project 
If you want to sponsor and support StarPeace project you may contact your local clubs who are registered in StarPeace. You could help them to organize the event more successfully by preparing the equipments they need such as optics, educational materials, computers, etc. You may sponsor the whole or a part of the event in your country. To contact with your country StarPeace clubs you could consult StarPeace core team by info@starpeace.org .

Astronomy clubs in developing countries need the help of sponsors and philanthropists to equip their clubs by instruments such as optics, educational materials, computers, etc. If you are interested in promoting astronomy and science in your region contact us in StarPeace core team for consulting by info@starpeace.org .

Some other international projects such as The Galileoscope provide a chance for people who like to donate and help to promote science. The Galileoscope is a project in which you could buy good quality telescopes with low price and donate them to astronomy clubs, schools, etc.
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