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Be promoter of StarPeace idea in your astronomy club or society. Download StarPeace factsheet and poster from Multimedia page of the website and put it in appropriate place there, of course with the permission of the person in charge. Although it may seem a small task but it will help to improve the idea of peace and science worldwide.

Use StarPeace trailers, clips and power points to introduce StarPeace to your students and colleagues. Talk about StarPeace visions in promoting peace and science with them and invite them to join StarPeace to reach to its goals.

If you studied about astronomy and know enough about astronomy in a way that you think you are able to give knowledge about astronomy to public and be a promoter of astronomy in cooperation with some other students, it is a good idea to think of founding an astronomy society or society. There is no need for expensive or complicated optics. A small amateur telescope or binocular could be your society's first optic, but it is still far away from holding a StarPeace event. To know exactly what you want to hold a StarPeace event check the StarPeace precept in Multimedia page.

Improve your society and meanwhile get ready to organize a StarPeace event before the end of 2009. Before holding an event you should register the society, the place and time of the event in StarPeace website and after holding the event they should send a report with photos, movies, etc. to StarPeace core team with this email .

The time of the StarPeace events is not determined from before. It depends on the holder societies situations, like weather conditions, etc. But there are some factors which we recommend to consider them:

1 - The quarter moon has a fascinating view by telescopes for public.

2 - The event could be about the same time as an interesting astronomical event such as moon and planetary conjunctions, occultation, solar and lunar eclipses and meteor showers.

3 - The event could be about the same time as an anniversary of an important astronomy or space event such as launch of the first artificial satellite anniversary, anniversary of the first man who walked on the Moon, birth day of famous scientists in history like Newton, Kepler, etc. and scientists or astronomers of a country like Professor Abdus Salam in Pakistan.

4 - The event could be about the same time as special national or international days such as national ceremonies.
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