StarPeace built bridges between 4 countries on World Science Day 
Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Four StarPeace clubs in four neighboring countries Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq and Syria held joint star parties on World Science Day, November 10.

Established by UNESCO in 2001, the World Science Day for Peace and Development (WSDPD) is celebrated on November 10 each year. To celebrate this day StarPeace clubs organized a stargazing party for the public in Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq and Syria simultaneously.

Iran and Azerbaijan held their StarPeace event on a border bridge over Aras River located along the border between Iran and Azerbaijan. Iranian StarPeace team in companion with a group of professional astronomers from Azerbaijan Science Academy located their telescopes on the border bridge near Jolfa town, so tourists and merchants who were passing the bridge between two countries would stopped by to observe Jupiter and celestial objects through telescopes.


Photo by Ali Shafe

Photo by Ali Shafe

Azhy Hasan from Amateur Astronomers Association of Kurdistan and StarPeace Iraq ambassador, held the event in Erbil city in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region. Nearly 250 of students of Salahadin University were invited to join the 1st Star Peace event of Iraq. After two presentations about StarPeace project and WSDPD, there was a stargazing program. “The view of Jupiter and M45 through telescopes charmed everybody out there, even the security guard team!” Azhy said.

At the same time Mohammed AlAsseri the president of Syrian Amateur Astronomers Association from Syria held the event in Damascus.



Meanwhile there was a telephone communication between Iraqi team, Syrian and Iranian team. Students and guests who have participated in the event were so surprised when they heard that at the same time people from other countries are looking at the same celestial objects as they do.




As Azhy Hasan told about the event “By all measures and scales, this event was one of the most great and wonderful events which has been done by Amateur Astronomers Association of Kurdistan on IYA2009, and sure that very special Star Party for StarPeace Project was a unforgettable event not for only the participants, but even for us as AAAK team after we sharing the glory of Peace, Friendship and Love between us after we decided to erasing the whole borders between us.”

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