Memorable Peace Line across the World 
Friday, September 25, 2009
For another time StarPeace clubs drew a memorable peaceful line across the world. From New Zealand to China, Philippines, Maldives, Nepal, India, Iran, Iraq and Brazil amateur astronomers united to show peace between them on the International Day of Peace, September 21.

The event was programmed to hold in a historical or cultural place in each country. StarPeace astronomy groups brought their telescopes among people and showed them planet Jupiter which looks like a bright diamond in the sky during these nights.

In New Zealand the event was held successfully. Paul Moss was the organizer and he held two StarPeace events in Wellington. He brought telescopes and held discussions with people. Also there was a video conference with other StarPeace ambassadors.

In India Manoj Pai conducted a stargazing program for children at Kankaria lake, Ahmedabad.
In China, Dr. Jin Zhu held StarPeace event from a place in Shenzhen which is very near the sea.

In Nepal, Suresh Bharatti held the event successfully with “Namaste” * from Nepali people.

In Iran three groups held the Peace event in Gonbad Kavoos, Ahvaz and Shiraz. In Ahvaz, South of Iran, Science Society of Physics department of Azad University of Ahvaz showed Jupiter and its four Galilean moons to the public in the University. In Gonbad Kavoosh, North of Iran Najma Astronomy Society held the event near the tallest brick tower of the world. In Shiraz, Middle of Iran, amateur astronomers** with the help of Sadra astronomical group held the event by the tomb of Hafeez who was a very famous Iranian poet. The public welcomed the event so much that it was continued until midnight.

In Maldives, Iraq and Philippines unfortunately the weather became rainy with heavy clouds. In Iraq, Philippines and Iran, the International Day of Peace coincided with Eid Al-Fitr, which is one of the most important Islamic ceremonies. Although our friends in Maldives, Iraq and Philippines was not able to observe the Jupiter “their thoughts were with us, and ours with them, that is the most important aspect to us!” as Paul Moss said.

(report: Irene Shivaei)

* An Indian greeting

** Amateur astronomers in Shiraz: Mahan Khazraei, Ali Farzaneh, Fatemeh Karimi, Fahimeh Haghighat, Ziba Dehghani, Shahrzad Sedaghat and Samira Ghorbanzadeh.

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