Music of the Heavens 
Friday, September 11, 2009
Patty Rayfield and Starchild The Rock Opera sang a lyric named Stars In The Sky for StarPeace.

"We could all count every star in the sky
Everlasting light on you and I
And every mistake that we’ve ever made
Really won’t matter anymore”

Stars In The Sky by Patty Rayfield

There are some things around the world that connect people from all nations together; two of them are Music and the Sky.

It doesn't matter what language you spoke, in what religion you believe, where you live, whether you are from a poor or rich family; the wonders and beauties of the starry sky influence your feelings and the music, the world language, can express your feelings in a way that every other person could understand and feel it.

That's why Patty Rayfield and Starchild: The Rock Opera sang a lyric named Stars In The Sky for StarPeace.

StarPeace speaks in the world language; it speaks with Peace and Sky. That's what motivated Patty Rayfield to write a lyric and records music for the project and as she said "join your thoughts for peace".

We believe that music is another strong tool to join the people of the world regardless of the race, culture or nation they belong to. And we wish by listening to this music you would feel StarPeace spirit.

Thanks to Patty Rayfield and Starchild: The Rock Opera for helping us reaching to our goal: World Peace

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