StarPeace between India and Bangladesh 
Tuesday, July 21, 2009
The first Indo-Bangladesh Star party would be held on July 21, 2009.

The first Indo-Bangladesh Star party would be held on July 22, 2009. This event has been organized by the both Border Security Force of India and Bangladesh Rifles of Bangladesh.

Location Latitude 26 degree 29min 10.32N  Longitude 88 Degree 22Min 14Sec.
Date: 21st July 2009.
Time 6:30PM Bangladesh Standard Time.

Brief Details on the activities

While maintaining the guarded border protocols- the group cannot make it a  long  duration one. This would be brief and a token star party, but indeed a landmark one. The group from both sides would come at the either side of the border zero line. With visual and audible contact in between, they will exchange greetings.


Border Guarding forces from both countries will remain present guarding the zero line and maintain a strict vigil at the border.


Bangla side of the party would present their team to the gathering and the Indian side would do the same.


Both teams would shoot the sky of other side and exchange in between them through wireless Internet connectivity- if available there at that  time. Or course, the usual observation program will be carried out.


The coordinators will brief the objective of the initiative to the media gathering.


Exchange of small tokens and greetings. Singing of National anthem of both the countries.\




Indian side:  Debasis  Sarkar  from Sky Watchers association of North

Bengal, India; Debasis Sarkar 


Bangladesh side: F R Sarkar from Bangladesh Astronomical Society, Dhaka, Bangladesh; F R

Sarker <>


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